Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pre Ghana Thoughts

I am currently sitting in the heat of the English sun (i know, sun, shocking!) ordering things for my holiday, sorting out insurance etc etc. This sunday I will be going to volunteer for 2 months in Ghana, Africa. I am going to be working for an NGO that helps empower women in business and teaches them about water, sanitation and health.

Very excited and also a little nervous about impacting negatively on their culture, I hope that I help rather than hinder.... and that I make good relationships with the people out there. I know there will be challenges along the way, I may meet people with malaria with AIDS.. these diseases are preventable and its going to be hard to see that and know you can pay for their treatment.. what do you do?. Cultural dilemmas, the way I am viewed as a person from the West. Wanting to make more changes than I possibly can in 2 months of being there and knowing when I leave things will stay the same..........

I hope it is a rewarding and fulfilling trip that will empower me even more to make a difference ...

El xxx

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  1. yeah, it may be really hard sometimes to face the tragedies in the world. but you'll also be making a difference and that's amazing!


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