Monday, 26 September 2011

Books and Nooks.

'The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, And all the sweet serenity of books.'- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Loves.

Hello! I havn't been updating as much so for that I apologise however I have LOVED reading your comments so hope you'll bear with me :) Now, here are some things I am loving on this delightful Sunday:

1. Cath Kidston Owl Tea Cosy


2. Vintage Bunting like this:

(image: blog)

3. This photo:

I love this image because it makes me smile and think of my wonderful friends!

Happy Sunday!!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Happiness Wednesday: Music and Its Beauty.

Hi everyone- Happy Wednesday!


Today as I write to you I am filled with the sounds of reggae/ indian fusion music infused with rock/soul and reggae vocals of Joss Stone, Damian Marley and Mick Jagger! They have formed a new super group with A.R Rahman (the Indian composer of the film Slumdog Millionaire) and Dave Stewart from Eurythmics, called 'Superheavy' and they've just released their first album. Its really beautiful, very different and fills your heart with joy when you hear the different styles of music....

I find that music really can bring you to utmost joy and so this is what I'm thinking about today on Happiness Wednesday. I love music with pure, raw lyrics that speaks to the soul, vocals that are real- that let you know whats going on inside that persons head and heart. I love acoustic sounds, rap from the heart, vocals that uplift your soul and take you to a happy place.

I have a friend who sings beautiful acoustic soul music who I have mentioned previously on my blog- Delia Spiers. She is a very talented singer-songwriter whose songs often move me to tears. Often it is when we cry and when we are led to that emotion, that we experience a peace and strength unknown before. I find that Delia's music does that for me.


Today I'm going to share the music of India Arie. I often speak about India because her whole philosophy is about spreading peace and love through the medium of music. Music is a vehicle for her of purity and truth. She has a very rare thing in the world of music- goodness combined with heartfelt lyrics and vocals.

Here is a song that will make you think about loving you, about taking time for you and to nourish your soul and spirit, Private Party. Lyrics start 'I'm having a private party, there's nobody here but me, my angels and my guitar...'. Enjoy xxx

Happy Wednesday! x

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


'Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant'- Paulo Coelho.

(p.s. just want to say thank you for your beautiful comments. there are times when you don't know why you blog, and then you remember all your blog friends out there who inspire you and keep you going :)) xxx

Monday, 19 September 2011

Smile :), Reminiscing.

Dear friends,

Sorry I havn't been updating my blog as much and commenting on your blogs as much! Been quite busy.

This video brought a smile to my face today. When I was little, in the 90s, I loved watching Sesame Street. And I came across this and it brought back a whole lot of memories.

So here it is, Baby Natasha!:

How cute?

Have a fab Monday xxx

Friday, 16 September 2011

Wishing and Life Update xx

Happy Friday everyone! We've made it to the end of the week! Today I am having a reflective day...thinking about what I would like my future to be. Sometimes I do this and forget to focus on the present which isn't always good. Sometimes though it is nice to dream.....Look at this gorgeous photo, I'm such a girlie girl, loving glitter and sparkles :)


A little life update for you:

* I have paid my drama school fees, and will be starting in October. A dream I have wanted for 13 years, since I was 10 years old is coming true so this is rather exciting!

* I have two new books to read, the first being 'When God was a Rabbit'. Which I am starting today..... I love to read.

* Today is one of my close friends Louises Birthday :).. I've known her since she was a baby and am excited to celebrate with her!

* Lastly, my sunflowers have grown into beautiful, bright yellow flowers. I planted them back in May and will show you photos of them soon....

What about you? Tell me your life update?

Have a great weekend!

El xxx    

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happiness Wednesday: Positivity Part Two

Hello friends,


I've been thinking a bit this week as to what to write on Happiness Wednesday. I toyed with writing about confidence and self esteem issues. Then today, I woke up and the sun was shining and my heart was filled with happiness and I thought... lets take it back to basics. Lets focus on positivity.

I have already written a previous article on thinking and focusing your mind on positive thoughts and optimism. Count your blessings every single day, as you wake and as you fall asleep. Pray to a higher source if you believe in God. Bless nature, bless food, bless your house and your family if you can, bless your friends, bless all the good things in your life and carry that strength and positivity with you during the day.

I want to state here that I am not a happiness expert. I have learnt the hard way through focusing negatively, through tears and pain, what it means to really think positively. I have taught myself how to do it and will continually because we truly only have one life. I would rather spend my life thinking happy thoughts than focusing on the worst things. This doesn't mean never focusing on the sad things, but it means not dwelling for longer than necessary.

Some of the most amazing people in life, lived through tragedy but managed to stay positive. Those people are inspirations to all of us.

And this morning I sat here, listening to my Joss Stone album and dreaming, thinking and I wrote the following little poem,

'Sunshine, sunflowers
Light and creativity
A mixture of hope, of dreams
Strengthening my heart.
Light streaming through a window
Soul music filling the air
Bringing love to a world of fear
You are with me, as the air swirls
Filling me with positivity.'- Eleanor S. (copyright)


How about you? How do you think positively, what are your tips?

Love and happiness!

Monday, 12 September 2011

My poetry has arrived!

Hi friends,

(image: from film One Day- via)

Sorry I havn't written in a few days- have been very busy! Saturday night I spent time with my girl friends and yesterday I went to see One Day at the cinema. Now, you will all know how much I love the book- the film really did not compare. I didn't find Anne Hathaway that good as Emma Morely however, Jim Sturgess as Dexter was incredible! He is a very talented actor who brought the writing to life. How hot does he look in the picture above! I still managed a little cry to myself through the film! :)
Also seen adverts for the Help movie, the other book I fell in love with and I can't wait to see that soon.

Have any of you seen One Day? What did you think?   


Now I am going to share with you a poem I wrote over the weekend. I write poetry in my spare time, often when I am emotional or thinking deeply about something. It helps clarify my thoughts.. in images. I havn't shared my poetry before now because it is very personal to me, however this poem is quite a nice one I think.

I was just sitting down, processing after a busy day, after id heard and loved beautiful music, watched a film that had moved me and my heart was at peace.. but at the same time reflecting. 

 I hope you like it, would love to hear feedback. 

After the Rain has fallen- By Eleanor S. (copyright: please do not repost without my permission)

I feel free
Just expressing myself through my pen
Through writing
And through music, its chords, its melodies
Through film that moves my heart
Bringing water drops
On to my cheeks
I like to be like that butterfly
That glows bright with colour
As it flies and wanders through the warm air...
Looking for the rainbow
After the rain has fallen. 


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Once she had thought... x

 'Once she had thought she could conquer London. She imagined a whirl of literary salons, political engagement, larky parties, bittersweet romances conducted on Thames embankments. She had intended to form a band, make short films, write novels....'-

 One Day (David Nicholls)


Thursday, 8 September 2011

In love with teacups.


Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great week.

Today I am writing a post on a most random and actually quite quintessentially English topic- my love for teacups and teapots! Now, some of you will be thinking- what?? But I happen to find beautiful, vintage tea sets absolutely perfect.

Hopefully, when I have my own home I will have a large collection which will of course be used... because whats a tea set if not to have tea parties with many friends, cups of tea and biscuits or cakes!?


Do you love teapots and tea sets as much as me? If so, and you live in the UK, a blogging tea party must of course be arranged. Happy Thursday :)


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Happiness Wednesday: Getting Over Heartbreak

Dear friends,

Today is Happiness Wednesday woop (cue the happy music!) lol. I hope you all have a happy day today. Last week I spoke about combatting our insecurities and finding self worth. And this week will be on a related topic, which is how to get over heartbreak.

If you've ever been in love or had a strong attachment to another person, you will know how hurtful and painful it can be when you break up or they leave you. I went through this myself some years ago with someone I was very much in love with. It was a very tough time for me, but I am glad to say I have come out of it stronger and wiser. At the time, all I could see was the sadness and the pain... and so if any of you are going through this, I'm going to share my advice.

1. You must forget the reasons you broke up, stop analysing them. Its over and you have to move forward in your life, they left or you broke up for a reason.

2. Heal yourself and your heart. Remember your dignity and don't run after your ex. Stay strong.... you can heal yourself in many ways. Obviously, the greatest healer of all is TIME. Time truly does give perspective and distance. But until you have the luxury of time, take bubble baths, make yourself look and feel beautiful even if inside you are breaking, chat with friends, watch TV or films you love. Most of all distract your mind.

3. If you have to focus on the pain- set yourself a time limit. Cry, punch pillows, write sad poems, sing. Do whatever it is to make you feel better and release that pain. Don't keep it all in. But don't wallow for days.. because this only serves to make your life worse. Why do that when there are so many beautiful things in the world to focus on? Find a release for your pain and move forward as best you can.

This pain may always be with you in some form. But you can suppress it, or release it and carry on with life. You are a wonderful, special individual who deserves happiness. Remember this.

4. Cut contact with your ex. I can't stress this enough. Delete their number, delete their facebook until you have found time to move forward. Maybe one day you will be friends but if its impossible, you need to move on. I found this part particularly difficult but it did me the WORLD of good.

5. Finally remember that 'This too shall pass'. You wont feel like this forever. People come into our lives for a reason and sometimes our soulmates come into our lives to enrich them or teach us a lesson and then they leave........and that is the way of life. Hold on to those lessons.

Lastly, some thoughts from India Arie,

 'I have learned that fear and love don't match.

I have learned that there is nothing unacceptable about me when I have the courage and self love to accept everything about me. So will Another.

I have learned you must let things and people go to really enjoy them being in
your life.

I have learned that it only takes a moment to react out of love.

I have learned that sometimes people come in our lives to go and therein lies the lesson.

I have learned that honesty means being honest with me first.

I have learned that sex with the wrong person is horrible, but sex with the right person is exquisite! There is fulfillment in waiting.

I have learned that I must seize the day.

I have learned that my mother is a human being and a woman just like me and that I have things to teach her too.

I have learned that love doesnt make relationships last....

That is the secret of life,to get up and try again. Without love we are nothing. Keep the faith and open your heart to try again. To all those who have yet to have your heart cracked open, may this collection of songs show you the beauty in the complexity of the journey of love.

I have learned that it aint like the movies, its so much better.

And most of all I have learned that even in the darkest hour. This too shall pass.

India Arie.

I used to hate hearing the words 'Move on'... its ok to feel shattered, to feel weak but you need to find your inner strength.... 
Stay strong, stay dignified, stay powerful, stay YOU- the greater, wiser and more informed you..

Happy Wednesday xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A positive quote.


I thought that this quote is really beautiful and something good to think about on Tuesday. Stay strong friends... xxxxx 

Monday, 5 September 2011

Photo Inspiration: Dreams of sun...

(image: blog)

This weeks photo inspiration... makes me dream of freedom and sunny days.... where you blow on the white fuzzy flower thing above- (are they called hollyhocks?) and make wishes about your future... where there is endless sun... and you feel calm. :)

Thats a message to you English weather- shine some sun!


Drama geek. x

(image: website)
Hi everyone! Happy Monday, hope you all had a good weekend?

Today I am being a total drama geek! I have a big reading list to get through for my masters degree in applied theatre, which starts in a few weeks so I am starting with book one by Helen Nicholson, Applied Drama, the Gift of Theatre.
I found a beautiful quote about theatre which I wanted to share with you all today to reflect on, it makes you think about life:

'A wider description of narrative would include the games, rehearsals or drama workshops which convey something of the messiness of reality and explore its incoherence and to which participants bring the complexity of their experiences of life, however fictionalised and incomplete'.

I love the comment on the messiness and incoherence of reality because life is always up and down and full of many shades of colours, so really when we create theatre we are incorporating all of life.

( )

A thought for this sunny Monday.

Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

Sunday, 4 September 2011

All things beautiful and deep. x

(image: via blog)

'At the first sign of indifference or lack of enthusiasm take note!-The soul suffers greatly when we force it to live superficially. The soul loves all things beautiful and deep.'Paulo Coelho, The Winner stands alone.


Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday Thoughts...

Hello friends,


And so we've made it to friday!!Yey. I have had a very busy past day and a half with family and friends. Now, I am looking forward to the weekend, relaxing and seeing my grandparents tonight.

I am also rather excited (because i am such a nerd haha) about buying my stationery for university. Particularly as my favourite shop Cath Kidston sells rather beauteous pencil cases like so,

So I think I will buy myself one of these as well as some cute folders. Anyone else going back to college and thinking of buying things?

Have a truly wonderful weekend all! My goals for this weekend are to read some drama and theatre books, perhaps see a film or two, rest and chill and catch up with friends. How about you? xx

   (image: weheartit)
El xx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Blog awards! :)

Hello lovely readers,
I am so proud of my friend Charlotte at Shes been blogging less than a week and already won some awards! Well done Char. However, I write to tell you...

She has passed her awards to me!

Thank you :)!

What I have to do is the following:

Thank and Link the person who nominates you

Share Seven Random facts about yourself
Pass the award on to five more blogger friends
Contact and congratulate the blogs nominated

7 random facts about me.

1. I am about to start drama school
2. I want to go to travel in Vietnam
3. I am a chocoholic! Cadburys is the best.
4. I get sunburnt very easily due to my pale skin
5. My sister and I used to have secret clubs when we were younger.. with our next door neighbour. We had such fun with our childhood games.
6. I am Jewish
7. I find India a truly beautiful country and visited in 2008.

I am passing these awards to:

Lots of love and thanks to all the many wonderful readers, sorry if i wasnt able to give you an award this time but I do love all your blogs :)!


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