Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Festive fun at the beach.

Sunset last night at Bournemouth Beach, England.

The past few days were spent in Bournemouth, a coastal town in the South of England. Bournemouth is where I spent all my childhood holidays, and I was privileged to go back there to meet some new family members. I am very happy to announce that my mum is getting remarried and so we went to meet her new in laws, or my new step grandparents who live down there. They were so friendly and welcoming.

It was lovely to walk by the beach on Christmas day, even if it was freezing cold! Today there were lots of people about walking their dogs and having a stroll. As the waves lapped, I remembered holidays gone before as a child playing in the waves and building sandcastles, riding in the little train that goes along by the beach, playing crazy golf...eating fish and chips doused in sand. And I felt so happy to relive these memories, and creating more.

I hope you have all had a lovely holiday period!

Where did you spend the past few days?


Monday, 24 December 2012

Festive greetings x

Hello all,

Wanted to wish those of you that celebrate Christmas, a very happy one filled with family, friends and love. I don't really celebrate but as for my family its a day off from work, we get together, eat and watch the queens speech, good tv and just enjoy spending time together!  

So I am in a festive mood. My favourites currently include :

*Gingerbread houses
*Mulled Wine
*The snowman film by Raymond Briggs
and my mums delicious fruit cake that she made to take to family tomorrow.

Have a very lovely few days!

Eleanor xxx

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Writing my first novel, a quote.

'Those were the days- the times when life went so quickly it couldn't be captured, where each breath and each experience was so exciting and so new. The days when every aspect was felt so deeply, nerves tingled, hearts fluttered, fights and kisses intermingled but most of all the love she felt for him could not have been denied' (p2) - copyright Eleanor Segall, 2012

In the past few days, various people have told me that I need to and should be writing something. I have always loved writing and so I have commenced a story about a failing marriage and the wifes subsequent depression, with her battle for health becoming a defining part of the book.

I have never really written an actual book before so I suppose this will be an experiment as to whether people will like my writing. Above is a quote from the start of the book, which I have begun writing.

Please tell me what you think?


(image: click link here)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Being inspired, an email and a wedding.

Hello everyone,

Sorry its taken me longer than usual to write. I had my cousins wedding on Monday which was absolutely magical! It was a religious Jewish wedding and they are always lots of fun, with amazing dancing. Really enjoyed it and so happy for my cousin and his wife.

I wanted to share something that happened to me today, which has inspired me quite a bit.   

I got a lovely email from a blog reader, to say I am a very talented writer and do I write professionally? My blog also (insanely but amazingly) inspired them to give money to charity.

I love to write, it is always something that I have been good at, but I havn't had the confidence to put pen to paper and write a story. I really want something that could connect with people, move people, make people think.

So far I have a few ideas about either writing a story about depression and love...

Any ideas friends?

With love xxxxxxx 

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Weekend Love: Heart sunglasses

This came up on my facebook feed from the amazing company Ruche. I know its December and so sunglasses in Europe are at the moment useless (except to walk around thinking ur a celeb LOL) but I absolutely love these, my favourites are the heart ones. Which are your favourites?

(image: click link here to Ruche) 

On another note, its my cousins wedding on Monday and I am very excited, I love weddings! Getting my dancing shoes ready! Happy weekend. E xxx

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Winter Photo Collection

When its freezing outside but warm within.. some pictures to spark your imagination :) I love winter...

image: click link here)

(image: click link here)

(image: click link here)

(image: click link here) 

(image: click link here)

(image: click link here) 

(image: click link here)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Your Favourites: Ramblings at 1am

Hello blog friends/ blog universe (I was going to ask if there is a word for this like 'bluniverse' and then remembered the craftily worded blogosphere!), How are you all? Hoping everyone is having a good week so far. Its nearly 2am in London, England and I can't sleep so I thought I'd write a little note. I thought it might be a fun idea to post up my favourites of things that I am loving or enjoying at the moment.

Todays Favourites:

Favourite music: Radio 1 Live Lounge album, particularly Conor Maynards slowed down acoustic version of 'Starships' (I think originally by Nicki Minaj). Conors version is so beautiful, I love sitting in my blanket on the couch listening to it! The whole album is really chilled out and I recommend to all! Theres good tracks on there by Jessie J and Emeli Sande too.

Favourite food: I think I'd have to say chocolate money to this one. Whats chocolate money I hear you ask? Lol. So at the moment us Jews are celebrating Chanukah, the festival of lights and as its a happy festival, the tradition of giving money (I believe for good fortune/ celebratory purposes) developed. This then developed into making chocolate coins and so this is a tradition we have every year and why right now during Chanukah, its my favourite food. We also eat lots of doughnuts and fattening oily food such as potato latkes (a fried potato cake/patty, really yum) at this time of year, due to Chanukah having a miracle to do with oil. For more on Chanukah, just ask away.

Favourite book: I have just discovered Jojo Moyes romantic novels they are amazing, everyone read them although they may bring a tear to your eye, they are so well written!
I have also discovered the amazing writer Brian Andreas. His quotes on life are beautiful.

How about you, do you love acoustic music, chocolate (if so whats your fave?) and romantic novels like me? What are your favourites at the mo?

Much love xo


Monday Quote.

'We lay there and looked up at the night sky and she told me about stars called blue squares and red swirls and I told her I'd never heard of them. Of course not, she said, the really important stuff they never tell you. You have to imagine it on your own.” - 

Brian Andreas

(image:click here)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cute gifts from

This time of year people are buying gifts so I wanted to share a few wonderful finds from a great website I have found :) Enjoy x 

(image 1:  click link here)
Alice in Wonderland inspired print from a very cool website. Click link above to view!

(image 2: click link here)

Love quotes print from different movies :), this is so beautiful I would love to have it on my wall!

(image 3: click link here)

Mr Darcy, Jane Austen inspired plate. I love this its so romantic.

For more cute gifts visit, a wonderful website stacked with beauteous treasures! Enjoy browsing x

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Happiness comes from the little things.

Hi everyone. So, I havnt blogged for a few days but I wanted to write this post because lately, I have been down in the dumps. Feeling downright sad. Today though I woke up and thought, I don't want to feel like this anymore, I want to feel happy.

Cue happiness coming from the little things. They may seem trivial aspects of one's day but they are often the most important.

Today I loved:

-Walking around in my new 'house socks' (see below) which my dad has lovingly renamed 'the granny socks' and yes, i dont care as they are comfortable haha!

- Watching trashy TV shows for fun

- Reading Miranda Hart (British comedians) new book and laughing out loud.

- Eating mango, papaya and passion fruit yoghurt (i am currently hooked).

- My name necklace arriving :)

- Catching up with my friends

What makes you happy and did anything make you really happy this week? let me know :)

ps- I have decided to use less of other peoples photos on my blog and so a lot of my posts will be written or i will post up my own images. Lotsa love. E  
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