Monday, 24 December 2012

Festive greetings x

Hello all,

Wanted to wish those of you that celebrate Christmas, a very happy one filled with family, friends and love. I don't really celebrate but as for my family its a day off from work, we get together, eat and watch the queens speech, good tv and just enjoy spending time together!  

So I am in a festive mood. My favourites currently include :

*Gingerbread houses
*Mulled Wine
*The snowman film by Raymond Briggs
and my mums delicious fruit cake that she made to take to family tomorrow.

Have a very lovely few days!

Eleanor xxx


  1. Happy Holidays, Eleanor!!! (Mulled wine...Yum!) :)

  2. Merry Christmas, Eleanor! I used to love watching that Snowman film when I was younger - it was so magical! :)


  3. I'm in a festive mood too (yeds, although Christmas ended, haha). Mulled wine & Christmas movies is a great combination. Happy holidays!

  4. I still did not get to try mulled is on my To Do List for next year!! =)


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