Hello my lovely blog readers!

My name is Eleanor- otherwise known as El or Ellie.. and I live in London, England. I am 25 and live with my wonderful family.

I just finished a Masters in Applied Theatre (Drama Education) and am thinking about working in the theatre industry.

I like:
hot chocolate, smiling, babies, glitter, butterflies, good friends, warm blankets, books (i would like a library in my future house) travelling and learning about new countries- I have visited India, Israel and Ghana to name but a few.., family, theatre, collages, postcards, writing letters, 1950s film stars and vintage/ vintage inspired dresses, walking in the city, acting and having fun! 

I hope you enjoy reading and you keep sending your comments as I love to read them too!   Thanks for stopping by xo

Lots of love

El x  

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