Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hello, My Birthday, Life, Summer- I'm Back today xxx

Dear Wonderful Readers,

I decided to take a blog hiatus because of what was going on in my personal life. Thank god I am starting to feel a bit brighter again and I wanted to give you a little update!

Yesterday was my 25th Birthday! I had a fab day with my best friends taking me out for lunch. One of them has a baby daughter who is so gorgeous, was lovely having cuddles with her! I also saw my aunt and cousin and was so nice to get all my birthday messages, cards, texts etc. I am planning to go to the Harry Potter film studios with friends at the end of the month as I am a big fan and they are so close to me here in London. 

I just wanted to write to send love and to say I hope to post more regularly again!!!!

Much love and light,

El xxxxxxx


  1. Happy belated birthday and I'm so glad that you're back blogging. We missed you my friend!

  2. Yay you're back! Happy birthday!!

  3. it is so wonderful to hear from you both. thank you so much for the wishes and love. hopefully ill be able to come to your pages soon! much love xo el

  4. Happy to hear you are starting to feel better :)

  5. Happy Be-lated birthday doll, am glad you had a wonderful time. I hope you continue to get lots better. Have been on a break, enjoying the sunshine. I do hope you feel loads better. Hugs to you xx

  6. Thanks so much xxxxxx Hannah its been ages, lets catch up.

    I hope you had fun in the sun kizzy! and that all has been well with you xx


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