Monday, 30 May 2011

This Weeks Inspiration...

I love this quote, it definitely inspires me. Hope it inspires you too. Have a wonderful week!

El xx

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Thank you!

Dear blog friends,

This is a heartfelt message to say THANK YOU so much for all your lovely comments and for being followers of my blog! It really makes my day sometimes to read what you have written back to me, I love finding out your opinions and anecdotes..  :) 

Also- my sunflowers have begun to grow! Saw the first shoots appear this morning. Yey! And as I have so many seedlings I have decided to give some away to family and friends... 

Whats news with you all this week? What film do you want to see? What food are you loving? 

With thanks and love,

El xxxxx

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Down in the Woods....

I had the most exciting and fun day today. My friends and I went to some local woodland that I'd never been to before. I love being out in nature and to walk through the quiet trees, stepping over nettles, brambles, fallen leaves, branches... hearing the sounds of the birds and finding gems in the forest.. was just wonderful. Seeing all kinds of fungi grow on trees, fox gloves and wild garlic growing wild! Just amazing.
After my friends climbed several fallen tree stumps, with me looking on hugging a tree (fear of heights!) and we trampled through miles of beautiful woodland, we came across a surprise. A little shack similar to the one in the picture above had been built (by Scouts we think...) made from all kinds of twisting branches with seats made from logs. So my friends and I climbed inside and pretended we were camping- it was like being kids again !
We had such a fun time exploring, despite getting slightly stung by nettles and then came back to a delicious lunch!
Hope youre all having a good weekend- do you have any sweet nature stories?
El xxxx 

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Summer Rain

'Let the rain sing you a lullaby'- Langston Hughes

Yesterday, we had the first lot of rain here in London for months. I was sitting on my bed tucked up with a blanket, reading a book and the showers poured down on the glass pane....I love sitting inside while its raining heavily dont you?
And I also felt happy because theres something about rain that is about regeneration, renergising nature :)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.
El xxx

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011


This post is dedicated to the beautiful thing that is confetti! Why confetti of all things? The other day I was looking at a picture of it, and it made me think about all the wonderful celebrations I have partaken in. Because confetti= celebration! confetti= love/ weddings and most of all it equals FUN.

But above everything else when I look at it.. this is what I think.....

That as the photo says, we must live well, laugh often and love much. Celebration is the key to all of this. :)

When did you last use confetti?

El xxx

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Sunday, 22 May 2011


'Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men and animals. Some seem to smile, some have a sad expression, others again are plain, honest and upright like the broad faced sunflower' (Henry Ward Beecher) 

Today, I have decided to grow my own sunflowers! This is because my mum is such an amazing gardener and I wanted to see if I could grow something also... plus they are such beautiful and happy flowers! So this shall be a new project of mine.....lets hope we have enough sunshine here in the UK for them to grow properly!! :)

What are YOU growing at the moment?

Lots of love

El xx

(photo: anne geddes via google)

Friday, 20 May 2011

This week I am loving.....

Being in nature..... going for walks.... recognising the little things of beauty.

To illustrate my exact feelings at this time, I came across this picture.....

May your weekend be beautiful...and dream filled..

El xxx

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Vintage style bedroom delights!

How delightfully beautiful is this bedroom? I would quite like my room to look like this...... and look at this gorgeous mirror too:

Can you imagine waking up with this mirror in your room every day? Would put such a smile on your face!

Hope youre having a lovely day :)
El xx   

(all photos from    take a look at this site, its beautiful!)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Poems found in clothing catalogues... :)

(picture, my own)
I discovered this beautiful poem over the course of many pages... in the Anthropologie clothing catalogue. It has such incredible words that conjured up all kinds of images from my travels in India... so I wanted to share. Hope everyone is having a fab week! Enjoy xoxo

I have discovered a new order to the spectrum

It goes like this: henna, marigold, saffron, aloe, lapis indigo orchid.

Here I am an outlaw

an adventurer striding toward the outer reaches

of awe the edges of every colour. I wring out

each shade until laughing I invent new ones.

There is something I have seen or only dreamed

In a sun hushed alley shifting beams of memory

Honey the shadowed street tatters of whispers

Dark& spice wafted the burnish of ancient wonder

Still gilds the arched pathway echoing now

With the tender hooves of a young lost goat.

The universe diverges here. I go home

Remembering. I stay forever. I see.

What they have seen. They have tasted the spices

I hold in my mouth. In muted observance

In a palace built for a favourite queen

In the cheerful dishevelment of colour. I am.

Here the shade and sun love me equally

I fill a palm with green cardamom

I bend toward a heap of tea leaves

Crushing tangible memories between

My fingers releasing a rush of recollection

Rich as living. always mine. Always mine.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

A wonderful piece of advice

Hello everyone!
I wanted to share this beautiful piece of advice from I have learned recently that gratitude is so important for staying happy and for inspiring happiness in others around you.

' If someone said that feeling grateful about things for a minute or two is a great way to turn a negative mood into a positive one I would probably have practised gratitude more.It is also a good tool for keeping your attitude up and focusing on the right things. And to make other people happy. Which tends to make you even happier, as emotions are contagious'.

Have a wonderful day.

El xxxx

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Three Cups of Tea- Inspiration.

Currently, I am reading the inspirational book 'Three Cups of Tea' by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. The book is about Mortensons vision to build schools throughout rural Pakistan, providing education to those who desperately needed it and empowering their futures. This includes young girls who for a long time did not have access to education! He has now built over 55 schools with the Central Asia Institute and has been working tirelessly for over a decade to help develop the region. So inspiring.
Here is a quote that I love from the book,

'Jahan took a breath... when I was a little girl and I would see a gentleman or a lady with good, clean clothes I would run away and hide my face. But after I graduated from the Korphe school (*the first school built by Mortenson), I felt a big change in my life. I felt I was clear and clean and could go before anybody and discuss anything.

And now that I am already in Skardu, I feel that anything is possible. I don't just want to be a health worker. I want to be such a woman that I can start a hospital and be an executive and look over all the health problems of the women. I want to become a very famous woman of this area...

'I want to be a superlady!', she said grinning defiantly, daring anyone, any man, to tell her she couldnt'.

Everyone read this book!

El xx

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