Monday, 9 May 2011

Three Cups of Tea- Inspiration.

Currently, I am reading the inspirational book 'Three Cups of Tea' by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. The book is about Mortensons vision to build schools throughout rural Pakistan, providing education to those who desperately needed it and empowering their futures. This includes young girls who for a long time did not have access to education! He has now built over 55 schools with the Central Asia Institute and has been working tirelessly for over a decade to help develop the region. So inspiring.
Here is a quote that I love from the book,

'Jahan took a breath... when I was a little girl and I would see a gentleman or a lady with good, clean clothes I would run away and hide my face. But after I graduated from the Korphe school (*the first school built by Mortenson), I felt a big change in my life. I felt I was clear and clean and could go before anybody and discuss anything.

And now that I am already in Skardu, I feel that anything is possible. I don't just want to be a health worker. I want to be such a woman that I can start a hospital and be an executive and look over all the health problems of the women. I want to become a very famous woman of this area...

'I want to be a superlady!', she said grinning defiantly, daring anyone, any man, to tell her she couldnt'.

Everyone read this book!

El xx

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