Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Poems found in clothing catalogues... :)

(picture, my own)
I discovered this beautiful poem over the course of many pages... in the Anthropologie clothing catalogue. It has such incredible words that conjured up all kinds of images from my travels in India... so I wanted to share. Hope everyone is having a fab week! Enjoy xoxo

I have discovered a new order to the spectrum

It goes like this: henna, marigold, saffron, aloe, lapis indigo orchid.

Here I am an outlaw

an adventurer striding toward the outer reaches

of awe the edges of every colour. I wring out

each shade until laughing I invent new ones.

There is something I have seen or only dreamed

In a sun hushed alley shifting beams of memory

Honey the shadowed street tatters of whispers

Dark& spice wafted the burnish of ancient wonder

Still gilds the arched pathway echoing now

With the tender hooves of a young lost goat.

The universe diverges here. I go home

Remembering. I stay forever. I see.

What they have seen. They have tasted the spices

I hold in my mouth. In muted observance

In a palace built for a favourite queen

In the cheerful dishevelment of colour. I am.

Here the shade and sun love me equally

I fill a palm with green cardamom

I bend toward a heap of tea leaves

Crushing tangible memories between

My fingers releasing a rush of recollection

Rich as living. always mine. Always mine.

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