Thursday, 12 May 2011

A wonderful piece of advice

Hello everyone!
I wanted to share this beautiful piece of advice from I have learned recently that gratitude is so important for staying happy and for inspiring happiness in others around you.

' If someone said that feeling grateful about things for a minute or two is a great way to turn a negative mood into a positive one I would probably have practised gratitude more.It is also a good tool for keeping your attitude up and focusing on the right things. And to make other people happy. Which tends to make you even happier, as emotions are contagious'.

Have a wonderful day.

El xxxx

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  1. oh that is so true! i love that there's a website all about positivity. :) also, i would be happy to help in whatever ways i can. a lot of what i've done with my blog has just been little things i discovered through experimenting, but i'd be happy to share what i've learned or brainstorm ideas with you. we bloggers gotta stick together! :) definitely email me:

  2. so true, I am reading this book right now
    I love it!
    x krystie


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