Sunday, 29 May 2011

Down in the Woods....

I had the most exciting and fun day today. My friends and I went to some local woodland that I'd never been to before. I love being out in nature and to walk through the quiet trees, stepping over nettles, brambles, fallen leaves, branches... hearing the sounds of the birds and finding gems in the forest.. was just wonderful. Seeing all kinds of fungi grow on trees, fox gloves and wild garlic growing wild! Just amazing.
After my friends climbed several fallen tree stumps, with me looking on hugging a tree (fear of heights!) and we trampled through miles of beautiful woodland, we came across a surprise. A little shack similar to the one in the picture above had been built (by Scouts we think...) made from all kinds of twisting branches with seats made from logs. So my friends and I climbed inside and pretended we were camping- it was like being kids again !
We had such a fun time exploring, despite getting slightly stung by nettles and then came back to a delicious lunch!
Hope youre all having a good weekend- do you have any sweet nature stories?
El xxxx 

(*image: google)


  1. Ooh that sounds so amazing! I don't have any nature stories at the moment, but I'm going camping with my family in two weekends. No showers, bathroom, it's winter!

  2. This is such a coincidence, I went bushwalking on Saturday and had the nicest time. The fresh air is so good for you, I want to do it more often.

  3. kaylia- enjoy camping. even though its winter. i hope the weather isnt too bad for you!!

    megan- that really is funny :) its lovely isnt it?

    thanks for your comments girls, great to hear from you. xxx


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