Tuesday, 24 May 2011


This post is dedicated to the beautiful thing that is confetti! Why confetti of all things? The other day I was looking at a picture of it, and it made me think about all the wonderful celebrations I have partaken in. Because confetti= celebration! confetti= love/ weddings and most of all it equals FUN.

But above everything else when I look at it.. this is what I think.....

That as the photo says, we must live well, laugh often and love much. Celebration is the key to all of this. :)

When did you last use confetti?

El xxx

(photos: google images)


  1. Gah, I am not sure I've EVER used confetti. Eek!

  2. Confetti is that best!!! I don't think I have ever used it myself though :s it's my sister's surprise 21st party tonight, you have inspired me to go out and buy some confetti for it!

  3. Confetti is so fun - I think people always worry about the mess of confetti but who cares about mess when it is so fun. My most recent memory of confetti is a friends 21st when she blew out the candles :-)

  4. thanks for the comments everyone :P @many colours of happiness- thats so cool, enjoy the confetti!
    and megan, love your confetti memory. my most recent one was when my best friend got married :)


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