Monday, 5 September 2011

Photo Inspiration: Dreams of sun...

(image: blog)

This weeks photo inspiration... makes me dream of freedom and sunny days.... where you blow on the white fuzzy flower thing above- (are they called hollyhocks?) and make wishes about your future... where there is endless sun... and you feel calm. :)

Thats a message to you English weather- shine some sun!



  1. in the u.s. we call them dandelions. i still make a wish and blow away the seeds whenever i find one. :)

  2. we have yellow flowers called dandelions here.. but im trying to think if the white version is also called that!! :) xx

  3. What a wonderful post! It is rainy and cold here too, so this was much needed :)

  4. Loving this photo!

    ♥ sécia


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