Monday, 19 September 2011

Smile :), Reminiscing.

Dear friends,

Sorry I havn't been updating my blog as much and commenting on your blogs as much! Been quite busy.

This video brought a smile to my face today. When I was little, in the 90s, I loved watching Sesame Street. And I came across this and it brought back a whole lot of memories.

So here it is, Baby Natasha!:

How cute?

Have a fab Monday xxx


  1. Ahhh..I love Sesame Street, this is great. Made me smile today :) xx

  2. awww, I used to love Sesame Street.

  3. oh sesame street! i was obsessed with it when i was little in the 80's. it's so creative!

  4. Hope you are busy with nothing but wonderful things :)

  5. Me, I'm more of a fan of Bert and Ernie!


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