Monday, 5 September 2011

Drama geek. x

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Hi everyone! Happy Monday, hope you all had a good weekend?

Today I am being a total drama geek! I have a big reading list to get through for my masters degree in applied theatre, which starts in a few weeks so I am starting with book one by Helen Nicholson, Applied Drama, the Gift of Theatre.
I found a beautiful quote about theatre which I wanted to share with you all today to reflect on, it makes you think about life:

'A wider description of narrative would include the games, rehearsals or drama workshops which convey something of the messiness of reality and explore its incoherence and to which participants bring the complexity of their experiences of life, however fictionalised and incomplete'.

I love the comment on the messiness and incoherence of reality because life is always up and down and full of many shades of colours, so really when we create theatre we are incorporating all of life.

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A thought for this sunny Monday.

Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

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