Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday Thoughts...

Hello friends,


And so we've made it to friday!!Yey. I have had a very busy past day and a half with family and friends. Now, I am looking forward to the weekend, relaxing and seeing my grandparents tonight.

I am also rather excited (because i am such a nerd haha) about buying my stationery for university. Particularly as my favourite shop Cath Kidston sells rather beauteous pencil cases like so,

So I think I will buy myself one of these as well as some cute folders. Anyone else going back to college and thinking of buying things?

Have a truly wonderful weekend all! My goals for this weekend are to read some drama and theatre books, perhaps see a film or two, rest and chill and catch up with friends. How about you? xx

   (image: weheartit)
El xx


  1. Got a weekend off so I'm having a picnic with mum :D

  2. Thankfully, I do not have to prepare for college anymore, but I do love stationary, new pens and things like that, I could spend all day picking out pretty ones!! I hope you have a great weekend with all you plan, I will be relaxing and getting ready for my birthday! xx

  3. Thank goodness it's Friday! Phew I thought it would never come! I'm going home with my boyfriend whoohoo

  4. I looove buying stationery. hehe! I think it's part of being female! I'm not back at school so being friday doesn't change that much for me!

  5. I love anything stationery related. The Cath Kidston store would KILL me!

    My college days are behind me, but I'm going back to my classroom next week to welcome all the new little kindergarten students to their first day of school!

    Happy Weekend, Eleanor.

    PS: Have I told you yet that Eleanor was my {sweet, darling} grandma's name? She went by Ellie. If we'd had a girl, that's what I wanted to call her. We ended up with boys instead!

  6. Have a fantastic weekend friend! I am so happy its finally here :)

  7. good for you! fun new school stuff makes going back to school all the better!

  8. Ok, I could totally use one of those adorable pencil cases as a teacher!

  9. Even though I am a 22-year old grad student, I still love buying school supplies for the new semester!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. I love Cath Kidston too. She has such pretty patterns. I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  11. would u be willing to sell your larger pencil case, as i have longed for one in this print for a while and have not found one, thanks xx
    emelia x


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