Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happiness Wednesday: Positivity Part Two

Hello friends,


I've been thinking a bit this week as to what to write on Happiness Wednesday. I toyed with writing about confidence and self esteem issues. Then today, I woke up and the sun was shining and my heart was filled with happiness and I thought... lets take it back to basics. Lets focus on positivity.

I have already written a previous article on thinking and focusing your mind on positive thoughts and optimism. Count your blessings every single day, as you wake and as you fall asleep. Pray to a higher source if you believe in God. Bless nature, bless food, bless your house and your family if you can, bless your friends, bless all the good things in your life and carry that strength and positivity with you during the day.

I want to state here that I am not a happiness expert. I have learnt the hard way through focusing negatively, through tears and pain, what it means to really think positively. I have taught myself how to do it and will continually because we truly only have one life. I would rather spend my life thinking happy thoughts than focusing on the worst things. This doesn't mean never focusing on the sad things, but it means not dwelling for longer than necessary.

Some of the most amazing people in life, lived through tragedy but managed to stay positive. Those people are inspirations to all of us.

And this morning I sat here, listening to my Joss Stone album and dreaming, thinking and I wrote the following little poem,

'Sunshine, sunflowers
Light and creativity
A mixture of hope, of dreams
Strengthening my heart.
Light streaming through a window
Soul music filling the air
Bringing love to a world of fear
You are with me, as the air swirls
Filling me with positivity.'- Eleanor S. (copyright)


How about you? How do you think positively, what are your tips?

Love and happiness!


  1. I am one of those people who will wake up and the first emotion I feel is how I am for the rest of the day. I try to always go to sleep happy so that I hopefully wake up the same way.

  2. Happiness Wednesday has become my favourite thing to read on blogger at the moment because it seems that everything you post relates to me perfectly. Thankyou xx

  3. Eleanor this is amazing. I've been poorly the past couple of days and was feeling sorry for myself this morning but this has really inspired me and cheered me up trumps. Thank you. Lots of love xxx

  4. This is fabulous!! I love positivity..I run out of it sometimes, but a quick smile and a good old laugh never fail to fill me up with it again!! I think for me its appreciating the small things, like flowers, laughter, my daughters and husband (though they are not small things) but reaching out beyond myself to others helps to. When I feel unwell or whatever, it never lasts when I start to smile for no reason, its just infectious and I end up feeling better in no time!! Positive minds really do work :) Hope you are having a great week flower!! Kizzy xx

  5. This is great. I think everyone has to kind of have their own methods, but for me making sure I have eaten, am not thirsty, and then taking time to breathe and really think about all the good things around me instead of freaking out all help :)
    Hope you are having a fantastic week!! xo

  6. 'Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow,
    Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow.'

    Sorry, that's exactly where my ridiculous mind went. I'll go sit in a corner now. :p

    Seriously though, great post! Also, yay, yay, yay, I CAN COMMENT!!!!!

    I'm glad that you found things to make you feel happy this morning, (or was it yesterday morning?) even if it was Joss Stone, haha. (don't hurt me!)

    Love you xxx

  7. I like the poem! Every day, I try to stop and think about the positive things, it really helps with my outlook...

  8. Beautiful poem! When trying to look at things more positively, I always think of the saying "fake it till you make it..." I pretend that I am fine, I smile, I laugh, I go out of my way to reach out to other people and make a point of not talking about my problems... And soon enough, I forget all about them and miraculously start to actually feel the way I have been pretending to be - positive and happy! :) That's my trick anyway :D

  9. yes, positivity is such a great tool for life. i try to get positive through my gratitude lists, dancing to my favorite music, and taking time to surround myself with inspiration. blogging is a great place for that last one!

  10. your blog is so uplifting :) i love it.
    x krystie

  11. My tip is create something. And for me that is mostly baking. When I am feeling out of control or unhappy, I just bake.


Thanks for leaving your lovely thoughts here! I appreciate every single comment. Lots of Love xx

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