Monday, 12 September 2011

My poetry has arrived!

Hi friends,

(image: from film One Day- via)

Sorry I havn't written in a few days- have been very busy! Saturday night I spent time with my girl friends and yesterday I went to see One Day at the cinema. Now, you will all know how much I love the book- the film really did not compare. I didn't find Anne Hathaway that good as Emma Morely however, Jim Sturgess as Dexter was incredible! He is a very talented actor who brought the writing to life. How hot does he look in the picture above! I still managed a little cry to myself through the film! :)
Also seen adverts for the Help movie, the other book I fell in love with and I can't wait to see that soon.

Have any of you seen One Day? What did you think?   


Now I am going to share with you a poem I wrote over the weekend. I write poetry in my spare time, often when I am emotional or thinking deeply about something. It helps clarify my thoughts.. in images. I havn't shared my poetry before now because it is very personal to me, however this poem is quite a nice one I think.

I was just sitting down, processing after a busy day, after id heard and loved beautiful music, watched a film that had moved me and my heart was at peace.. but at the same time reflecting. 

 I hope you like it, would love to hear feedback. 

After the Rain has fallen- By Eleanor S. (copyright: please do not repost without my permission)

I feel free
Just expressing myself through my pen
Through writing
And through music, its chords, its melodies
Through film that moves my heart
Bringing water drops
On to my cheeks
I like to be like that butterfly
That glows bright with colour
As it flies and wanders through the warm air...
Looking for the rainbow
After the rain has fallen. 



  1. you are so talented, my sweet friend. your poem was beyond beautiful. i felt so peaceful and free reading it!

    p.s. the help is awesome. finished the book and ran to see the movie. both do not disappoint!

  2. You and I have SUCH similar taste in books! I just finished One day a couple of days ago and LOVED it. I haven't seen the movie, but strangely, I thought Anne Hathaway would be perfect for the role of Emma and wasn't so sure about Jim Sturgess. I can't wait to see it though! And yes, the Help was awesome. I still thought the book was better but the movie was pretty good too!

    Belly B :)

  3. That is a lovely poem! I saw One Day right after it came out (have yet to read the book, but it is on my to-do list) and I just about bawled through the second half of the movie. It was one of the saddest things I'd ever seen, although a very poignant message about knowing what you have when you have it. Jim Sturgess is lovely.

  4. That poem is wonderful.

    I am excited to read One Day. Just bought myself a copy. I'll see the movie eventually, but for now just want to relish a brand new book (one that everyone is raving about!)

    I loved The Help too. Best book I read all year.

  5. Oh your poetry is just as lovely as your writing! Beautiful!!!

    I haven't seen that movie or read the book, tossing up which one to do first!

  6. i've been dying to see one day!! :)

    lovely poem, too! xoxo

  7. Its lovely :) I am so glad you shared it.

  8. oh i've never heard of one day, but i really can't stand anne hathaway as an actress. blech. :)


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