Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dreams- Make. It. Happen

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Dear all,

I havnt written on this in ages so I hope this entry is the start of a renaissance! Today I am writing because its dark, cold and wintery here in London and I have been dreaming all day about my future life.

Do you ever feel like just going after your true dreams? I've wanted to be an actress since I was a kid. Literally 10 years old. I study drama at university. But I havn't had the courage to go and do lots of auditions and make it happen. I really want to change that.

So today I am dreaming about going to New York and becoming an actress. I want to be on film and stage. I want to act because I love to portray life and its situations. I love the glamour of on-screen stars but I know its about work and determination....
So my new motto: Make. It. Happen.

El xxx

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