Monday, 17 August 2009

Happiness, Summer and Good times


Havnt written on this wonderful thing in a while so thought I would.

I love summer. I love the freedom to just go out with friends whenever I want.... go to the cinema and discover weird films in the dvd shop that ive never seen before (this happened to me yesterday. anyone heard of 'the air i breathe'- film about fate and the four principles- love, sorrow, pleasure and happiness that make up life according to some asian proverb.... interesting film :))... go out for meals, go on nice walks, appreciate the sunshine and nature, stay out late... and just enjoy being alive.

Soon I'm off to the middle east to have a good time with my best friend and I am so excited! Yey.

But the other day I was sitting and writing and I thought to myself.... what makes me happy? And so I wrote a list and got some of my friends to write one too.

Here are some of the things:

friends and family. laughter. stars. sunrise and sunset. butterflies. sunshine. waterfalls. chocolate. brightly coloured nail polish. 1950s inspired glamour. street art. creativity. freshly baked cookies. kindness. smiles. hugs. my grandparents house. running in the grass with no shoes on, running down a beach and splashing in the waves. the old city in jerusalem. israel. being inspired by music. dancing. singing...♥ birthdays, birthday cake. ankle bracelets. toe rings. sparkly jewellery. dimples. red roses. flowers that smell beautiful. crisp autumn leaves. snow. snow fights... / building snow men. a crackling fire. barbeques. bonfires. swimming in a lake. wading through a river. road trips. travelling the world to somewhere new and exciting. high heels that are a work of art. bright colours. snuggly duvets and hot chocolate in winter. fruit trees. amazing poetry. foreign films. days at the seaside. childhood memories. your favourite teddy. best friends. sisters.

What makes you happy?

Have a lovely week!

El xxx

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