Sunday, 24 February 2013

The festival of Purim :)

Hello lovelies, sorry again that I havnt blogged as frequently. However, I came to tell you about a Jewish festival I am celebrating. Its called Purim and we celebrate the triumph over persecution that nearly took place in Persia of the Jewish people about a thousand (I think) years ago!! Jews were saved and so the day was instituted as a day of feasting, merriment, giving money to charity and dressing up in fancy dress. We also read the story of Purim which was written down in a scroll in synagogue.

Here is this years Purim costume, Me in a saree!:

Happy Purim :) How are you? xxxxxxx


  1. I love the colors! It's gorgeous. I also appreciate learning more about the holiday! :)

  2. So many colors!! Purim sounds like a wonderful festival.

  3. I'll wear some stripy tights to work tomorrow to mark it :P as I've not celebrated much this year

  4. You look so pretty :) What kind of things do you do at this celebration? I've never heard of it before

    When Mine Became Ours

    1. we read the purim story, which was written down hundreds of years ago. after its read, we have a festive meal at home and we give food presents to friends, so chocolate and crisps etc in a box. we dress up in fancy dress, because in the story, God is hidden, and so we disguise ourselves and it is a time of joy and merryment. we also give money to charity. it is also a time of celebration and so we are commanded to get drunk. type in purim to google for more info about the story etc xxx

  5. your sense of style is exceptional

  6. You look gorgeous...I hope you are enjoying yourself!! Have a lovely week xx

  7. Super sweet outfit and happy belated Purim Sameach! :)

    The funniest outfit I saw this purim was a (rather) round man wearing a geisha outfit,in a purple kimono and geisha wig.
    (I was dressed like Little Red Riding Hood myself )



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