Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday thoughts.. tea, anna karenina and sunshine.

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Hi everyone,

You know sometimes you go to your blog and you think ' what can today's post be about?'. Today was one of those mornings. I woke up really early to get me motivated for the day and had cups of tea. You have to love tea in the morning....:) and as I slowly awoke.. and as the UK skies turned from grey and freezing to blue and sunny, I felt happy and grateful for my life this morning.

Now this doesn't always happen. Some mornings I awake feeling miserable and sad about life. So I thank God that today I felt happy. Are you a tea or coffee person and do you have any morning rituals?

Another spooky thing happened this morning. For the past few days I have been thinking I must read a classic book to add to my 'Year in Books' challenge, I am trying to read as much as I can and document it in my page above. That book was 'Anna Karenina', which I think is a beautiful love story....and an advert came on TV announcing that Anna Karenina is coming out as a movie with Keira Knightley for Valentines day. *spooky*

Good morning one and all and I wish you a happy Wednesday. What are you up to today? Have you read Anna Karenina and what did you think?




  1. Sometimes I have no clue what post about either, it can get boring thinking all the time as to what to post. I prefer random things sometimes. Love that quote at the bottom, it's very true!! Hope you have a great day xx

  2. I've been feeling a little bit like that lately, I have no idea what to post. I am certainly a tea drinking person. I usually have my first cup with my morning tea after the girls are dropped off at school, it's my relaxing part of the day after the morning rush. I'm glad today was a bright and sunny day:) xx

  3. Tea person always. Try watching the Greta Garbo version, see what you think

  4. I've been wanting to read Anna Karenina for a while now, but It seems I can't find the right momment although I have read such great things about how wonderful the story is.
    Kisses and have a great day.
    Ps I'm a coffe person in the morning but I love tea after lunch

  5. I haven't read it but I should probably add it to my Kindle at some point! I love tea, I have to have a mug of tea every morning. xxx

  6. I really have been wanting to begin reading more of the classics. I have a habit of just reading contemporary works and that sort of limits my imagination I feel. You have now inspired me :)

  7. Gotta have my tea prettty much all day! Haha, I wake up and have tea before I work out, have it afterward, in between, and even before I go to bed... good thing it's not bad for you ;)

  8. I constantly am like uhhhh....shoot what to blog about!! I keep a notebok where I jot stuff down I want to write about that isn't exactly time sensitive, like I can write it whenever I have time just in case I draw a blank!

    I'm a coffee drinker all the way and hmmm have not read anna karenina...I have to put that on my list! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  9. Hi sweety, thanks for your positivity today, its great to wake up and realise its going to be a good day, and I couldn't do it without a few cups of coffee.

  10. I don't really drink either. But I love the smell of coffee but it gives me migranes. I mostly drink tea - but not every morning.

  11. Sometimes it's hard to get motivated during winter months! Have a great day!

    Xo Jill

  12. Happy Wednesday! I love Anna Karenina :)

  13. As for what to post, some days I have no idea. Although on days when I have a lot of ideas I write draft posts and schedule them for the week ahead.

    I'm a tea person for sure! My tea collection has overflowed from the cupboard onto the top of the fridge. The rest of my morning "ritual" includes frantically trying to get ready and not be late for work.



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