Monday, 4 March 2013

This week, Beware of the Chickens and a Gratitude List..

Good morning! So many thoughts swirling around my brain as I sit down to write this post. Where do I start? Firstly, I had a bit of a bad end to my week. I was feeling quite down over the weekend but now I am feeling a little happier and counting the good things in my life. Here is a gratitude list and a list of happy things that have happened:

- This morning my Dad and I went for a drive along old country lanes just a bit in the suburbs outside of London. We drove past woods and stables with horses, past little cottages which you would never know were there (one had a sign saying 'Beware of the Chickens'!!). I would love to live in a little cottage with a menagerie of animals... hopefully one day I will. The sun was shining and we drove past a lake, glinting in the light as the landscape is beginning to wake up as it moves from winter into spring. It was such a wonderful drive and just what I needed this morning.


- I am thankful for:

- Fresh flowers (at the moment red roses and yellow daffodils are on our table at home and they brighten up our little apartment.

- Watching new films I havnt seen before, last night I watched 'The Tourist' with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. Its a film about a man who gets caught up and accused of being a gangster.. who meets Angelina Jolies character Elise Ward on a train. Angelina has such classic hollywood beauty. She is stunning as is the rather gorgeous Johnny Depp. A good and complex thriller to watch. 

- My friends. I have been struggling a bit lately and both my friends on and offline have been there. 

- New novels. I am still wading my way through Anna Karenina. It is taking a while and I pick it up and put it down but hopefully I'll finish it soon.

-Crafts such as Knitting...even though I am hopeless at knitting but its relaxing!

Do you like any of the things on my list? Have you seen the film 'The Tourist'? Let me know!


  1. I love watching new films!! I saw The Tourist last summer and really liked it.

  2. Sometimes I walk up to the countryside and farmland down the road from me for a couple of hours. The few places there are a mix of huge sprawling houses and wooden bungalows with chickens

  3. I love drives in the countryside. I've not seen the film, I was going to watch it yesterday after seeing the advert and reading your post has just reminded me that I forgot to watch! I like knitting and reading to :)

    Sita xx

  4. Love the list! I'm pretty horrible at knitting. And I only ever seem to make scarves. But I still enjoy it :)


  5. I like all the things on your list. I also like that when facing adversity you take stock in the positives that make you happy. :)

  6. Love gratitude lists, and love yours. They give me perspective x


Thanks for leaving your lovely thoughts here! I appreciate every single comment. Lots of Love xx

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