Saturday, 15 May 2010

Florence Welch, A Style Inspiration

'She first dyed her hair bright red when she was nine, and since then it’s meandered through the entire annoy-your-parents spectrum, only returning to her trademark auburn 18 months ago. She describes her look now as – deep breath – ‘half gothic bat crow winged fantasy, half golden 70s Stevie Nicks white witch. And a smattering of disco go-go hotpants', Daily Mail, UK.

I love you Florence Welch, lead singer of UK band Florence and the Machine! For your creativity, your awesome hair, your style and your songs!

And for describing yourself as a white witch with disco hotpants.

El xxxx


  1. you are so welcome, thankYOU for commenting and following! that sounds like a great way to spend a sunday :)

    florence is beautiful isn't she?

  2. i love her too! in fact, i've been listening to her nonstop all morning!

  3. i know i love her hair too!! x


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