Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Quote of the week

'A butterfly is a flower with wings'

Japanese writer of ' The Book of Tea', written in the 19th century.

These past few days I have been doing research for an essay on the perception of art and culture in Japanese society using the ideals of Zen Buddhism and how it relates to the Anti-art movement and Dadaism. Very complicated stuff, of which I have had to learn a lot on the spot. The basic principles are that we must live in the moment, have serenity and peace with our surroundings, find beauty in the mundane, that every day life IS art. I am relating this to Japanese tea ceremonies (which changed from being at one point a material form of entertainment to a more simple, spiritual idea promoting humility)......and the art work of Yoko Ono and others.

So I am rather tired but I found this lovely quote for you all. And thought it was beautiful. It comes from 'The Book of Tea', an amazing book I recommend to all.
With love,
El xxx


  1. glad you popped in to say hello ... sending you a hug! xo

  2. that sounds like such a fascinating project! i love things like that!


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