Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A love letter- Rosa Luxemburg, an extract..

Over the past few weeks I have been reading the book 'Love Letters of Great Women' by Ursula Doyle. Its a book of love letters written by famous women to their lovers and is really uniquely beautiful. 

Part of a letter sent by Rosa Luxemburg (political activist) to Leo Jogiches in March 1899, I found very lovely and something that a lot of us women and maybe men could connect to...here it is...(after the image)

(image: click link here)

''You have no idea with what joy and desire I wait for every letter from you because each one brings me so much strength and happiness and encourages me to live....
I was happiest of all with that part of your letter where you write that we are both young and can still arrange our personal life. Oh darling, how I long that you may fulfil your promise....

Our own little room, our furniture, a library of our own, quiet and regular work, walks together, an opera from time to time, a small- very small- circle of intimate friends who can sometimes be asked to dinner, every year a summer departure to the country for a month.. and perhaps even.. a baby?......

No couple on earth has so many facilities for happiness as you and I and if there is only some goodwill on our part, we will be, must be, happy.''

Oh for the hopeless romantics of this world :) I hope you like the extract x 


  1. In this cyber world, I miss the beauty of a well-written love letter! This is beautiful!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. This is amazing!! As a hopeless romantic, I find such beauty in these vinotage treasures and remembracnes of love. I love reading the words of an old love letter...you can actually feel the love in what Rosa wrote. I sometimes think it would be so neat to have been able to live in the days when people wrote letters across the endless seas...wow.

  3. Just splendid, I've had this book and the men one on my Amazon wish list for a while..I think I'll get it now!! So sweet...we don't send enough love letters really :) Hope you have a gorgeous day doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  4. oh man. if that's how the rest of the book is, i must get my hands on a copy! what beautiful writing. hope your days is blessed and beautiful, dear:)

  5. oh i sighed the whole way through, that was so simple and romantic

  6. Wonderful post... There is something so warm about it yet sad, at least to me... Maybe it has to do with lost love.

  7. I do love it, so very romantic. x

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely excerpt with us. I will definitely be buying this book, there is something so beautiful about hand written love letters.

  9. love this! thanks for sharing, eleanor :)


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