Monday, 21 January 2013

On an English snowy day....

(image: BBC)  (Snow in Greenwich, London)


Today, in England and much of the UK, we have lots and lots of snow! It is absolutely beautiful and makes the world look like a postcard. 

Our neighbours built such a cute snowman with a scarf, it looks like the one from the John Lewis Christmas Advert:

So while I sit here on this beautiful white morning I am thinking and hoping for a lovely day. Apparently today is meant to be the most 'depressing day' of the year. To counter this, I am going to try and have a really positive day! Hope you all have a lovely Monday wherever in the world you are.



  1. I am loving seeing everyone's snow photos - we are absolutely boiling over here but I love Summer so I can't complain.

  2. We don't really have any snow here yet, on the hills where I am. I don't mind though, as I'm not a snow person at all. I'll be glad when it's spring. Happy Monday doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

    1. happy monday!! where are you in the UK? for some reason i thought you lived in scotland!!

  3. My sister's school is cancelled so she's currently bouncing around the house in her onesie. No teaching for her this week

  4. We have a huge blanket of snow here too! How strange that it's meant to be the most depressing day - I don't think people will be too depressed if they get the day off work/school! That's sure to brighten anyone's day hehe. xxx

  5. Please please PLEASE send some snow our way!!! I've been waiting for it for two years :)

  6. I got snow coming later in New York!! Keep Warm over there!!

    Ergo - Blog

  7. I would absolutely love some snow! It's just been plain cold here in Chicago. Snow would add that little touch of comfort!

  8. Hi there, pretty lady!!

    Thanks SO much for stopping by my blog.

    This snow looks amazing. I live in the Southeastern US, and snow is usually a dream for us!

  9. Today is called Blue Monday, the third Monday in January, which is meant to be the most depressing of the year. Load of nonsense! Everyone i have come across today has been really happy! :)

  10. love this cute & cheery post! the snow looks lovely. hope your monday was great!

  11. awww you're stuck in a snow globe!! i think it's so cute your neighborhood built an actual snowman with a scarf and all that. so sweet :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. I've been so jealous of all of the lovely winter wonderland photos that my English friends have been posting on Facebook - in my little corner of France it's been nothing but rain, rain, rain. It definitely fit the 21st of January! :)

  13. That first picture looks like a postcard - so beautiful!

    Pearls & Paws

  14. Lucky! As much as I sit here and brag about sunny warm weather, you have no idea how much I long to make snow angels or build a snowman... Enjoy it!!! :)

  15. how i wish we have snow here in the philippines.

    xoxo, Style Diaries a Lifestyle Blog


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  17. I've seen images of the snwo on the news :) everything looked so magical! England is a beautiful country and I'm SO excited to (hopefully) be visiting again next week :) I'm coming to London to shop :D yeah! That is, if the Eurostar does not get cancelled due toa ll the snow, haha :) xo Nikki

  18. thank you for all your posts, i appreciate every one xoxo


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