Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dreams, Magic and Happiness...

Keep dreaming. A big dream of mine came true today. I enrolled at drama school! When I was a little girl, I used to look in the programmes of big theatre shows at the actors and actresses pages. When I found them, I would scan the information for any knowledge of where and when they trained, the top schools so I would know where to go! Although now, I don't want to be a full time actress, but a theatre practitioner working in education instead, it still has been my biggest dream to train at a specialist school. Please God, this year will hold many beautiful challenges but be a lot of fun!

What is your dream?



  1. lovely words of encouragement! :] Good luck! Im sure you will be wonderful! :]

  2. Congratulations!!!!! That sounds like the first step of an amazing journey! :)

    Belly B :)

  3. That's wonderful flower! Amsuper pleased for you, I hope its a great time. I want to continue studying Art History and become an Art Historian (fancy title that I love, lol). With children, it will be tough, but I'm gonna do it!! Hope you have a great weekend xx


Thanks for leaving your lovely thoughts here! I appreciate every single comment. Lots of Love xx

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