Sunday, 7 March 2010

5 things of this week...

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Hi everyone!

As its now March, and we actually are beginning to have sunshine, I have been dreaming about summer freedom....

For me this means eating strawberries in the sun, making daisy chains in the park, wearing pretty jewellery (like the gorgeous Cath Kidston flower locket ive just bought!), sitting by a beautiful beach.....and reading a novel that takes your mind away into other worlds.

What do you dream of?

El xxxx


  1. I dream of traveling. I love the film Amelie, that picture is so cute!! XO

  2. I dream of moving to a new city and starting a brand new life! Oh sure, I like my life now, but it's so exciting to think about all the adventures to be had in various places of the world! EEE!


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