Thursday, 11 March 2010

Joss Stone Gig!

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Tonight I had the fortune of seeing one of my favourite soul singers in concert, the wonderful JOSS STONE.

I have loved Joss since she started in 2003, and have watched her go from strength to strength, becoming the amazing accomplished performer she is today.

The gig tonight was AMAZING! Joss is so soulful and free on stage, dancing around barefoot, drinking tea, throwing flowers into the audience, jamming with her musicians and backing singers. And basically, singing only the way she can!!! She is just a fantastic talent, one of the best performers britain has ever produced.

I love her soulfulness.........<3

I was lucky enough to meet her in 2006, and she was so lovely!

And now time for sleep....

El xxxx

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  1. Hi, I was there too. I was in the second standing row. Where were you at? Nice blog, I enjoyed reading it.

    male, aged 27 from London


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