Sunday, 21 March 2010

London Life

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Hello :)!

Have been having a wonderful weekend. Last night was my best friends 22nd, and so we ventured down to Camden, a part of London which is known for being really alternative. We went to somewhere called the Inspiral Lounge, which is a hippy place, serving wheatgrass shots (!), vegetable juices and vegan food, as well as having a dancefloor. Last night there was a guy showcasing his new psycadelhic trance album..... and so we danced. There were loads of guys and girls with dreadlocks....lots of piercings. I have decided I like male hippie fashion, there was a really cute man there with blue dreads!!!

Inspiral lounge also does boat cruises on camden lock (river). I must go back with my friends soon.

Was good times. :) How is your weekend, what have you got up to?


El xxxxx

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