Thursday, 4 March 2010

My book buying habit and the end of a wonderful week!

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This post is very random!

After a day learning about Japanese Noh Theatre, I am home and relaxing. I just watched possibly the worst film in the world (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) which although it has the gorgeous Russell Brand in it, still does not redeem itself. Full of comic sex and a script that an adolescent boy probably was so bad it was funny!

So today I bought another book. Yes I confess, I need to go to book buyers anonymous. Its a lust story set in the early 1900s, about a guy looking for a wife.... and then it all goes wrong....:) I am looking forward to reading more!

This week has been lovely...

I am lusting after lots of dresses at the moment. I bought a pretty floral one this week, but I need more! :)

Have a great weekend..

El xxxx

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