Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Babies, Street Art and Teapots...

images: google

5 things:
1.: Anne Geddes Baby photo- how cute???! i love the babies in the pots dressed as rabbits, brings a smile to my face

2. Street Art by 'Know Hope', street artist from Tel Aviv- I love his statement, put up on paper on a wall around the city.... beautiful.

3. London Parks- some of the best places in the world.

4. Old fashioned teapots, this one is by Cath Kidston.... makes me think of tea, cakes and bygone days....

5. Paulo Coelho- wonderful author, am reading this great novel at the mo, recommend to all!

El xxx


  1. Thank you! Edinburgh is wonderful. I did my study abroad there at ECA :) I love these pictures by the way. Great blog. I'm glad I can follow it now! xoxo


  2. I love the first picture, with the bunny, so funny! I've read 11 minutes by Coelho, it's a great novel, love it! Nice post



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