Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Four Loves...

1. Wimbledon Tennis! (my favourite player Serena Williams is out :() but I have been hooked to this tournament. Come on Andy Murray- do it for the UK!

2. Freshly picked strawberries from our garden 

3. THIS Cath Kidston Cushion

4. Vintage Make up Adverts....so quirky...

What do you love?


(images: google)


  1. oh that vintage makeup ad...so beautiful! i'm also loving fresh strawberries this season. the colors in this post were all so bold and pretty! have a beautiful day:)

  2. I love strawberries! Omigosh, I used to say spring was my favorite season for all the cliche reasons, but summer is really stealing my heart with all the fresh produce and all those yummy berries (not to mention as a college student that's the time of no responsibility besides work...)! I just started scrolling through your blog (Kim recommended you and I'm glad she did!) and I just wanted to say it's totally adorable, I love it!


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