Thursday, 2 June 2011

Victoria and Albert Museum Love

One of my most favourite places in the world is the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. It is filled with arts and crafts, fashion through the ages, textiles, jewellery and everything creative and beautiful. Last year I went to two exhibitions there- Grace Kelly where there was an exhibition of all of her dresses, hats, shoes, sunglasses (swoon) and had old black and white videos of her. Oh it was wonderful. The other was an exhibition on quilts from around the world at different times. That was fantastic- so interesting, They even had a quilt made by prisoners as a modern day art project!

But now I have discovered to my detriment that this wonderful place has a SHOP. and not just a shop- an online shop! Ahh! I am hiding my purse. In browsing I found these beauties. Enjoy:


And there are so many more prints.... as well as jewellery... teapots...   *sigh*

Tea, 1950s, helmets and love. Could it get any better? :)

What do you think? Go and visit


El xxxx 



  1. oh that sounds like such a great place! i would have loved to see the grace kelly exhibit.

  2. the V&A was definitely one of my favourite places to visit when I lived in London. And I especially loved the gift shop- so many pretty things to buy!

  3. It's heavenly, and I'm a confirmed, jaded, Londoner.


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