Tuesday, 7 June 2011


The other day I was thinking about quirks. Everyone has them, I guess they are an intrinsic part of our personalities. So what quirky things do you do?


- Have kept every birthday card I've ever been given. This started because my Mum made a collection of them for me from when I was born and since then I just can't get rid of any of my birthday cards! What happens when I get to old age? Who knows.

- Have various overflowing memory boxes and journals stuffed into my wardrobe because they just don't fit anywhere else.

- Wear odd socks around the house on a regular basis. Really- who cares if they match? 

So what about you?

Have a fab Tuesday xo

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  1. I sprinkle cinnamon and ginger on my porridge and in my coffee at home :P

  2. i think i've kept most birthday cards as well! i even found some from when i was 2! when i going through all of my stuff before i moved overseas, i was trying to cull everything but i still kept the cards, they're in my parents garage :)

  3. Haha I do the first one too! I have a suitcase filled now... I also tend to collect things when I have had an amazing day or night (free postcards, beer mats, scraps of paper, posters, whatever I can find) and stick them all my wall... weird I know :p

  4. kaylia i do the same thing! i put them on my notice board :)
    SJ- its hard to get rid of the cards isnt it?
    selina- i love that, i wish i liked ginger but sadly not!
    thanks for the comments girls its lovely to hear from you xxx

  5. I also keep birthday cards. I love reading back through them :)


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