Monday, 6 June 2011

I have learnt....

I have learnt.....that LOVE is the most important thing. Creating it, giving it, sharing it and of course recieving it.  I have learnt.... that sometimes when we are down, we can pick ourselves up by reading novels, sharing thoughts, growing sunflowers and living life to the full. I have learnt.... that friends and family are precious and such an important support network. I have learnt that in life whatever happens to us, we can try to dust ourselves off and start again. We are like re-energising flowers who emerge after a long winter :) (thats how I like to think of it).  

I have learnt to love the seasons, to love the small things of beauty- the pink rose in the garden, the white clouds in the sky, the smile of a little one, the fact that I am alive and I can type my thoughts and emotions...
I have learnt gratitude- such an important tool.

What have you learnt? Have a wonderful week! 
El xxx

Ps- The sunflowers are growing wonderfully, have lots of shoots coming through but as i don't have a camera at the mo, I cant put pics up! 

(image: google)


  1. i have learned that the blogosphere is a beautiful, crazy, awesome thing. so glad it led me to your lovely blog! have a beautiful, blessed week!

  2. thanks for visiting my blog... things are well!

    i have learned that there's very little that's more important than a good night's sleep!

    have a great new week!

  3. sylvia- very true! and vintch welcome to my blog xo

  4. aw this is such a sweet post!

  5. Such a sweet post. This week I have learnt not to give myself such a hard time about every little thing and give myself a break.


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