Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunflower Update!

Dear friends,

Most of you will know that I started growing sunflowers about 3 weeks ago now! Due to my lack of camera, I am unable to show you what they look like however this picture of seedlings above is very similar to how they are growing! Other than being attacked by slugs and snails- which I am trying to fend off.. , they are sitting nicely in their pots in my garden.

 In a few weeks I will be able to plant them properly for when they flower into gorgeous things of beauty!

Hope youre having a fab weekend. Are you growing anything at the mo?




  1. yay! sunflowers in the summertime are so very fun. i'm terrible with plants and los angeles is the desert, so don't grow very much here, but we're thinking of planting some things in planters.

  2. oh how fun! I can't believe you're growing those! they'll turn out so beautifully!

    happy weekend dear! xo

  3. cant wait to see them grow! x


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