Sunday, 5 June 2011

Loving... :)

This blog inspiration comes from Julia at *this daisy. I'm going to fill this in and i want to know all of yours too!

I believe..  in God, love, life, laughter and happiness.

The world.. could be a better place if people put down their guns,  bombs, and hatred and just learned to love each other.

Someday..  I want to have fulfilled all of my dreams.

I'm not very good at..  sewing.. although I want to improve. 

I love my..  family, friends and of course- chocolate!

When I need a break...  I blog, read or go for a walk in nature :)

I am most happy when... Around those I love. 

It bothers me when I hurt people and when things are going wrong in the world.

I never thought I would get to see so many interesting places (India, Ghana, Israel) and meet fantastic people in my life.

My motto..   have a positive attitude. smile. love. and 'this too shall pass'.

El xxxx

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  1. You made my day with your comment!!! XO!

  2. This is so sweet, I love your answers! I also LOVE your happiness post a few below, your blog is amazing!

  3. I love this
    "My motto.. have a positive attitude. smile. love. and 'this too shall pass'. "
    words to live by!


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