Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Today I've been dreaming about..

Hello my dears!  I have done two blog posts in one day but my mind has been whirring with dreams lately so i thought I'd share them with you. They are simple little dreams that make me happy :). Today ive been dreaming about....

Going to Paris and sitting in a coffee shop, drinking hot chocolate (chocolat chaud) by the Eiffel Tower...tres delicieux! I did this two years ago with friends and I miss exploring Paris. It is a beautiful city I have yet to see more of.

I also want to find a...

Coffee AND Book shop in London... this is my new search! Just the thought of sipping a tea surrounded by amazing works of literature makes me smile :)

I would sit reading in this coffee shop wearing jewellery by Eclectic Eccentricity, like this necklace:

 Isn't it gorgeous?

And then I would round off my day by walking to the Victoria and Albert museum shop where I would buy something creative like these buttons: 

What are you dreaming about today?


(images: weheartit, google, vandashop.com)


  1. Those are my two favorite cities! I could sit in a cafe with chocolat chaud for hours and hours and hours ;) Traveling is so much fun!

  2. Ooh I'm sharing your dreams!!! I'm going to Paris at the end of the year, I have never been before but my husband raves about it. Let me know if you find a lovely bookstore + coffee shop!!! xoxo

  3. Aww, thank you for coming to my blog! My eensie 8 followers (now, thanks to you!) are the most awesome followers in all of blogland. I'm biased, but you know. Ugh, your dreams are lovely. I'm dreaming of typing out my latest bestseller at lightning fast speeds while reading through oodles of fan mail after my success as a famous author has finally set in. Of course, this is my dream every day, but it's been especially strong lately. I also am dreaming of the day I have a place with my man where we can be creative together! These are dreams I'm hoping time will bring! ;)

    I hope you succeed soon at your book/coffee shop search! That's a little slice of heaven on Earth for sure.

  4. goodness. i would love to travel and do all these fun things! specifically sitting in a bookshop with some great, hot coffee, millions of books and nowhere in the world i need to be. i haven't quite found that perfect writing spot yet. i need somewhere quiet, but still around people (the best inspiration possible), and with good eats within arm's reach:)

  5. a nice cup of chocolate would be amazing. Or a trip to the bookstore. Yes, everyone needs a good tea/coffee shop to sit and think. Good luck.

  6. London (or rather Britain in general) is my biggest dream. I doubt that we'll ever actually move there because my fiance is close to his family but since I was a freshman in high school that's where I always wanted to be. :) If you ever find the perfect bookstore or coffee shop there, let me know!

  7. I'm going to London in two weeks! Please let me know if you find any great bookstores and little coffee shops! Also, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog; feel free to follow me and my travel adventures!


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