Friday, 12 February 2010

Delicious Memories...

Hi :),

So this post has been inspired by a quote I found. I have been keeping a diary (journal) for years. Last week, I found one of my old diaries....whenever I find a quote I love, I write it down so I will remember it forever. I particularly like this one that I found last year in 'You' Magazine, a magazine that comes with a British newspaper we have.

It was said by Sophie Dahl, model and granddaughter of story teller Roald Dahl, and its about memories, the senses, food, love and beautiful things.

Here it is, Have a lovely weekend! xx

' For me, wound up in that delicious sense memory bank are so many things. My mothers gooseberry fool, eating in the garden on a hot summers night, my father making me scrambled eggs on toast in his kitchen with the chequered linoleum....then there is the soup for someone who is grief stricken, the long lazy breakfasts of courtship, the messy tray composed by a child....
I remember a picnic with the boy I love on the floor of a new house with no furniture and wine in mugs.
These are the things that are rare and precious in all that is higgeldy piggeldy and crooked'


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  1. I think journaling is such a beautiful hobby and i feel it is one of life's necessities (opinion may be biased, as i'm a Writing/Journalism major hehe). i mean, i've been writing in my diary ever since i can remember, and i just love reading 'em again when i'm older. sometimes i cringe at what the younger me used to think about or do, and sometimes i smile in childish reminiscence. love it! (:

    happy valentine's day to you, eleanor! God bless. x


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