Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Flapper Girls and Glamour...


Hi everyone,

So I'm reading Sophie Kinsellas latest novel 'Twenties Girl' (often curled up in my duvet.. obviously bed is the best place to read!) and theres tons of amazing, beautiful descriptions of 1920s flapper girl dresses. Its incredible how women changed so much in one decade, and the rebellion that the flapper girls embody. Hem lines lifted a bit, hair was cut shorter, women drunk alcohol and were drunk in public. But what draws me to the flapper girls is their sense of mystery, fun and glamour.

I love looking at by-gone eras for inspiration... particularly as I am a 90s child, born in the 80s ... and those two decades did not really symbolise great fashion!

So today, after a day of studying and being uninspired by the grey drizzle that is English weather (yes we do talk about the weather a lot, its a cliche!)... I am dreaming of pretty sparkly dresses... cloche hats... feathers and bows in the hair..... heels.... and freedom!

I'm looking forward to a good weekend though. I have a friends birthday party and a posh ball to attend, which is black tie dress. Who says a girl cant have her fun? :)

Love and Glamour,

El xxx

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