Thursday, 4 February 2010

A Happy Thursday...

pic: India Arie, my favourite singer from google images. Congratulations India on winning a grammy!!!!

Hi all

I got such a lovely message from a friend I havn't seen in a long time about my blog- thank you so much! <3

I've had such a hectic day today... went to see a production of Hamlet in Greenwich with a society from uni after my class. Greenwich is stunning its like the South London version of Hampstead... I love the fact it has the observatory for Greenwich mean time, and the old naval college.... the big park.. the cute shops and craft market... the Greenwich picture house (an amazing cinema which is vintage-style with red plushy reclining chairs) and now the Greenwich theatre, which is a really sweet little theatre tucked away down a side street.

If you ever go South of the river, I also recommend the pubs in New Cross- particularly the Hobgoblin for its cute family atmosphere, and the Amersham for its general artyness (imagine big lamps, binoculars and weird art on the wall..) and they often have live gigs there too.

Was having a conversation with my housemate and we were saying how much we love London. How beautiful it is and how much there is to discover even though weve lived here all our lives.... and we still havn't seen it all yet!

Its also so nice to meet new people and make new friends. This has been happening quite a bit lately. :)

So here is a list of things I want to do/see/what makes me happy:

1. I want to BAKE a white chocolate and cappuccino cake. I found this great recipe I want to try.

2. I want to SEE the new disney film 'the princess and the frog' at the cinema

3. I want to WATCH many theatre shows: on my list is the latest Tennessee Williams adaptation, Les Miserables and of course Avenue Q!

4. I want to find some street art around London....

5. I want to go on a road trip to somewhere interesting in England when the weather gets better.

6. I want to BUY some more pretty things and dresses as I havn't been shopping for a while. Oh and a pair of beautiful heels! Ophelia in Hamlet (modern adaptation tonight) was wearing some quite gorgeous brown v shiny and pretty court shoes (sounds not so nice but was beautiful)

What is making you happy and what do you want to do or see?

Have a good weekend,

Love El xxxx

ps... i am so happy because my favourite singer India Arie won a grammy for her song Pearls!! Thoroughly deserved!


  1. I want to bake a white chocolate cake too, and then add raspberries too it mmmm!!! Love your list!! Thanks for stopping by Coeur de La and leaving such a sweet comment xo!!


Thanks for leaving your lovely thoughts here! I appreciate every single comment. Lots of Love xx

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