Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A lovely rainy day in London.

image: google- Kenwood House Library- a perfect place!


Today was such a great day. I'm on reading week (weeks break) from university and this morning, my mum and I went to Kenwood. Its a beautiful old stately home open to the public, with stunning grounds overlooking a lake and London itself. It actually was used in the film where Julia Roberts is playing an actress.. ahh I can't remember the film... wait yes I can.... Notting hill!!! If you look in the film, Hugh Grant tracks Julia Roberts to a film set and that set is

Kenwood House. Just an idyllic, perfect location.

So we walked around the pretty grounds in the rain :)... sharing an umbrella and running under the vine walkways... and then went inside the house. My favourite room is the library. It has beautifully painted scenes on the ceiling, mirrors, little chairs to sit.... and walls of old books containing entire worlds. The library reminds me sort of of the one in Beauty and the Beast but on a smaller scale...

After Kenwood, we had lunch and then this afternoon I went with my friend to see 'The Princess and the Frog', the latest Disney film. I loved the fact at last Disney had produced a princess in 2D, but Tiana is a thoroughly modern Princess- she works hard for her dreams. I particularly liked the romantic firefly Ray and his love for the star Evangeline. A very sweet film!

So to end this beautiful day, I am in bed reading Paulo Coelho's latest novel :)

Happy Tuesday!

El xxxx


  1. I loved that scene in Notting Hill! I'm so jealous!

    Sounds like you're having a wonderful break!

  2. :) its such a pretty place, if you ever come to London u must go!


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