Monday, 15 February 2010

A few thoughts for the week ahead...

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I havnt been feeling so well for the past couple of days and so I wanted to write this post to cheer me (and maybe you) up. I was reading Chocolat by Joanne Harris over the weekend, and here are a few favourite quotes I found....

'I could see the broad band of the Milky Way like a road around the world'

'The scent of ripe apricots in the sun, of warm brioche and cinnamon rolls, lemon tea and lily-of the-valley'

'I remembered for Josephine the little canal at Ourcq, the Pantheon, the Places Des Artistes, the lovely avenue of Unter Der Linden, the Jersey Ferry, Viennese Pastries eaten in their hot papers on the street, the seafront at Juan-Les-Pins, dancing in the streets in San Pedro...'

This novel is a beautiful novel with rich description, deep psychological plot and beautiful sensory imagery. :)

May your week be beautiful!

El xxx

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  1. Ooh I'm going to have to read that, it sounds amazing!


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