Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Watching Amelie...

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So tonight my housemate was ill and we decided a 'pick me up' was needed! And so we decided to watch the french film 'Amelie' (the full title is something like 'The Mysterious Life of Amelie Poulain) . This film is my sisters favourite, and I'd only seen bits of it....

Its such a beautiful story... kooky, humourous and artistic, about life and love.... and human relationships. All set in France.

We loved it.

I want to go back to Paris now... I'm dreaming of balmy summer afternoons walking through the city with my camera... *sigh* I have only been to Paris once, on the way back from India. We stopped over for 7 hours and walked around the Champs Elysees, saw the Eiffel Tower, stopped off in a little cafe which as I recall did amazing hot chocolate....

What was also really funny was that in the film, the name 'Dufayel' was used, which was the adopted surname of my French great-grandmother! I've never heard it used before, it must be a popular French surname.

The perfect way to spend a cold, dark English evening. Oh how I love to dream <3

I recommend Amelie, if you havnt seen it go and watch it!

El xxxx


  1. That is my all time favorite film!!! xo

  2. I love Amelie! When I was in Paris we got to visit the little shop that she always goes to, it's so cute!


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