Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Clutter- Help!

Does anyone else have the biggest problem with hoarding anything and everything?

This week I have been wanting to make my room a haven of tranquility and peace. Instead it currently looks like a mish-mash of all my adventures and loves, thrown together on a blank canvas. Which in a romantic way, is wonderful.

My room contains:

*jewellery box with a lady in an indian saree by a lake, from india.
* the shell i got at elmina castle in ghana last summer
* a silk painting from israel and another painting my sister got me
*my memory boxes, journals and photo albums.
* the 10 pound vintage bargain i got last year- the beautiful 1930s hand mirror and clothes brush. which i still havnt found a proper home for.
*marilyn monroe posters
*teddies, trinkets and more... all from friends.
* my goldfish- florence and the machine (yes i have a goldfish called 'the machine'!)
and of course...

* my 3 million and one books which splurge out everywhere.

So really- help. My question this Tuesday is:

How do you get rid of things you have an emotional attachment too? Or do you just keep them in storage forever?!

Would love to hear your answers,

El xo 

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  1. it's so hard for me to throw things away that i am emotionally attached to! believe it or not:i actually just store them somewhere else. even though i actually don't come back to them, the feeling that they are near my sight is kind of assuring:)

  2. I have the worst trouble getting rid of things that mean something to me. I tend to keep it all, put it away in boxes or something, and I've found that when I look at it all again years later, it doesn't hold the same meaning. But I think I'd much rather hold onto something for years than throw it out and regret it forever.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, they made my day :)

  3. oh the emotional attachment part is hard. i found that as i got older, i began letting go of a lot of material goods which represented memories. i figured i had those memories stored away safely in my mind, so i didn't need a tangible thing to remind me. with some things, i took a photograph or wrote about it, so i could keep it safe without it taking up room in my house. blogs are good for that sort of thing too. :) of course, i still have a few things which are just far too sentimental to ever get rid of, but everything else is gone.

  4. sometimes i put aside a day to just cull stuff. I start with my closet, getting rid of clothes i don't wear anymore and then I go from there! I always so much better afterwards, I highly recommend it!

  5. I take the things that I think I can live without and put them in a box in another room. If after a few months I haven't missed it, I either donate or have a garage sale.

    Also, an episode of Hoarders or two is highly motivating (at least for me).


  6. thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! i guess im going to just have to start getting rid of things soon...x

  7. I'm like this too! But over the winter holiday this past year I decided that it was time for me to clean up and start throwing stuff out. It actually feels liberating (as weird as that sounds!). I was at a point where I felt like I needed to be out with the old and in with the new. You'll just have to sit down and think "what are the things I can't live without" and "what are the things that will make me sad to let go of but I will eventually get over"
    That's what I actually had to do.

    As for the books - I had the same issue. I love books and have so many of them. What I did was donate a bunch of them to various charities. There's some books you love and can't live without which is fine but a lot of them can find happy homes elsewhere plus it'll give you room to get some new ones and fall in love with more books!

    Hope that helps :)


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