Saturday, 23 July 2011


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I may be only 23 years old but sometimes I turn around and think to myself- am I really here? Am I really grown from that gangly teenager into a woman? And sometimes its hard to think that the time has passed because you wonder, where on earth did it go. You are filled with a whirlpool of thoughts that catch you as your head lies on the pillow- about life and love and in between, every day thoughts. And that can get scary but can also be beautiful. Time spent dreaming and hoping is never wasted, as long as some of those plans are fulfilled. I just have to remember that time is a gift. Dreaming is a gift. And all in this upside down, crazy, world is a gift- even if it hurts.


  1. I'm 23 too and sometimes I find myself feeling the same way! Love this!

  2. "Time spent dreaming and hoping is never wasted, as long as some of those plans are fulfilled"

    I totally agree :) I really hate people who say they want to do something, but never get around to doing it or make lame excuses why they can't- you only live once, so I say go for it!!!

  3. i am such a dreamer and I hate that sometimes i don go through with all my plans. i am constantly reminding myself to live in the moment.

  4. Great post, i'll turn 22 in a month and i'm thinking the same.. Life goes by so fast so live it up!

    xo Elien

  5. True. High school felt like it took forever but college absolutely flew by! For me I think it was the freedom to do what I want and make my own choices about my life which consequently made me a lot happier (like moving in with Noah and getting engaged). I'm already worried about how fast my 20s will fly since I'm already at 22! I definitely agree with your post! You're right, it's definitely good to dream but it's very important to fulfill some along the way!


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