Saturday, 30 July 2011

Soul Love.

'Thank you Thank you Thankyou to every soul that has ever touched mine. I have realised in this life of love, lust, pain, vision, hate, dreams, confusion, colour or lack of and everything and anything we think and feel, there is so much to take from it all and so much to give. I guess thats what pushes us to make Art. In giving we are taking. I have a conversation with someone on a train and that's a song or a poem or painting. People should never get bored when we are surrounded by everything to inspire us. So I am grateful for that, so thank you world! Joss xo'-

Joss Stone from new album LP1. (my favourite singer)

(image:Gig Junkie)


  1. How beautiful. We do touch one another and give and take every time we interact with someone, something, or someplace.

  2. Love Joss Stone! Gorgeous with an amazing voice.

    P.S. Thank you for the wonderful comments! And in answer to your question, OF COURSE I've been following your blog via Bloglovin. You have a lovely little space here.

  3. Re: Bloglovin

    Not sure if it's like networked blogs (I have no clue how that works). I would say it's very very similar to how Google reader works. The beauty is that you don't have to sign up for it. If you have a blog, it's there for anyone to follow!

  4. What a fantastic quote. I love her too. So good to recognize and be reminded how magical the world around us is.


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