Monday, 1 August 2011

Vintage Weekend :)

Hello lovely blog followers :) Its 1st August... where has the time been going?

(image: All Gigs website)

I had a truly wonderful weekend and I hope you did too. Yesterday, Sunday 31st, I went up by train to Southbank which is right in the heart of London near the London Eye, Big Ben and by the River Thames, hence its name. While I was walking over the Jubilee bridge with my good friends and sister, all I could think was how beautiful the city looked in the sunshine, the water glittering as we passed. Yet that isn't the only good thing because....

I was on the way to a Vintage market!!! For the past few years, I have been following vintage fashion mainly clothes of 1950s and some 1930s/40s accessories, for example, beautiful hand mirror sets. Some of my older followers may remember me buying a 1930s hand mirror last year. Anyway, so we went down into the market which was part of the 3 day long Vintage Festival. Our friend was working at the Cath Kidston stall and had her hair done in 1940s style with red lipstick, she looked fab!

The market was packed with vintage clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, hand mirrors, even a manual on How to Make a Wedding from the 1940s! There must have been about 50 stalls and it was bustling. So exciting. I bought a ring with a little teacup on it and a long pocket watch floral pendant which I am wearing as I write this blog. The image below is very similar to the ring I bought.

(image: Jelly Button Jewellery)

So as we wandered through the stalls listening to music of old, climbings over piles of vintage holdalls, furs, hats, gloves... it was lovely to think of bygone eras and know that they havnt really died but in many ways are being relived through our generation. That was a nice thought!  

What did you get up to this weekend? Have a great Monday.

PS. I really want to go to the new Tracy Emin art exhibit here!


  1. *jealous* I wish I'd known about it :D

  2. So glad you had a great weekend! And that ring you found must be gorgeous! There is just something about teacup jewelry that always gets me...

  3. A vintage market sounds wonderful! I went to an antique mall on Saturday - so many great finds!

  4. oh my gracious. what a fun weekend! that ring is too, too darling. i think i'd sit and stare at it all day and wouldn't get anything done:)

  5. We were also in Central London too :)

    Selfridges had opened their Christmas department this weekend so obviously we had to go :P Henry loved all the glittery decorations and lights :)

  6. that sounds like so much fun! i love vintage clothes and all the memories they hold. i love thinking about who wore them and where they went in each piece. it's definitely romantic to think about! glad you had such a great weekend!

  7. Wow sounds so good! I love the ring it is so nice!!!
    I am glad you had such a good time!!!

  8. i saw photos of the transformation at SOuthbank and it looked fantastic!

    (and as for your comment on Newcastle, yep we have A LOT of cities/towns/states/suburbs here with the same names as British places. THe early explorers weren't terribly original when they decided to start naming things!)

  9. Marvelous, looks like a fantastic time!! Great finds, wish I could have gone!! Thank you ever so much for your super sweet comments, I appreciate it. I am happy to hear you enjoy my blog, am loving yours too. I hope you have a fantastic day petal!! xxx Am following you too ;)

  10. i love that ring!!!!!
    and your new blog header looks great, by the way :)
    x krystie


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